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There are different types of rental properties, some being more lucrative than others. One of the popular choices is a multifamily property. Multifamily rentals can be a very good investment in real estate. When you’re looking to invest in real estate, here’s why you should consider investing in a multifamily rental:

Easier to Finance

One reason investors tend to steer away from multifamily properties is that they can be a bit more expensive. Although properties such as apartment complexes are more expensive, they are also much easier to finance. Multifamily homes are much more likely to get approved by the bank than an average single-family home. This is because multi-family properties often generate more cash flow and the foreclosure rate is much lower,

Best Way to Build a Portfolio

If an investor is looking to build their portfolio fast, a multifamily property is the fastest way to do it. There are multiple units per multi-family property that can be used to expand a portfolio. For instance, it’s a lot easier to purchase a property with 30 different units rather than purchasing 30 single-family homes.  Investing in a multifamily property with multiple units inside is a much easier and efficient way to build a portfolio.

A Better Cash Flow

When investing in a single-family property, there is only one tenant. One tenant could easily move out and then an investor must wait and spend extra money to find a new one. With multi-family properties, there is a constant and more dependable income coming in.  In a 10 unit property, if one tenant were to move out, there are still 9 others paying rent. This makes investing in a multifamily property a much more lucrative investment. 

Choosing the right property to invest in can take a lot of time and thought. When it comes down to it, multifamily properties are much easier to finance, quickly build a portfolio, and bring in more steady and dependable cash flow. Investing in a multifamily property can be the best way to become a successful real estate investor.