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Real estate is an essential part of any strong investment portfolio. It has become increasingly popular to invest in real estate. However, there are things that you should know about investing in real estate before you jump in head first. Opportunity zones are a type of real estate investment that can be a safe way for you to hold your money for a more extended period of time. Opportunity zones are a great way to shelter your capital gains from cryptocurrency, the sales of stocks, or the sale of a business. Understanding the personal benefits of opportunity zones also comes with realizing that there are benefits to the greater population as well.


Opportunity zones keep emotional real estate investors from buying and selling during market shifts

When emotional investors control the real estate market, it is going to be difficult for there to be any type of long term growth.

However, with opportunity zones, there is a seven-year holding period for any investment that is made. This means that there will be more long term growth in condos, apartments and other multi-family dwellings. This creates a more solid real estate market that will be much more sustainable over a longer period of time.


Fear of missing out will be less of a thing

There is a big issue with pressured investing or the fear of missing out in many real estate deals. This is due to many flip type investments where development owners are trying to get as many investors interested in a project as quickly as possible by telling them about a profit that could easily be made. This will not be a thing when there is a minimum seven-year commitment to the investment in an opportunity zone. There will not be as emotionally charged investing that creates deals that aren’t very solid.


It is important to understand opportunity zones before investing in real estate. When you understand opportunity zones, you will have a great tax benefit that you may have not otherwise been able to take advantage of. Before you know it, you could have a great long term real estate investment strategy by using opportunity zones. These opportunity zones will help not only the individual investor’s portfolio but the bigger real estate market as a whole.