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So you’re selling your home. In order to try and get a little bit of extra money out of the sale, you decide to renovate the inside. You repaint the rooms, you fix up some of the wear and tear from over the years, and likely much more. Though at the end of the day, you’re still struggling to get people to come and look at your home. That’s likely due to forgetting one of the most important aspects of selling your home – curb appeal. Curb appeal, or the appeal of your house to potential buyers just from what they can see outside of your home, is incredibly important. You can have the nicest interior for your home, but if the exterior isn’t up to snuff you’ll likely struggle to get anyone to check it out. Here are a few tips to help you raise your home’s curb appeal.

Paint The Front Door

The front door is one of the first things people see when they enter your home, so it’s important that it has the right paint colors. A well-designed front door can help boost the appeal of your home. You can go for a traditional style like black or charcoal, or go for a bold color like yellow or red. As long as it looks good and can attract potential buyers, that’s all that matters.

Fix Up The Garage Door

Garage doors tend to be one of the focal points of your home when looking at it from the street. This means ignoring them can play a big role in your curb appeal, or lack thereof. One simple fix that can help boost the appeal of your garage door is by adding decorative hardware, such as hasps, faux window panels, and magnetic hinges. One simple way to add a bit of color to your garage is by painting it to match your home’s siding. This can be a weekend project that you can easily pull off if you use fast-dry paint.

Add Some Mulch

A well-designed and organic layer of mulch can help keep the soil moist and prevent the spread of weeds. It can also help nourish your plants and keep them looking their best. Avoid dyed mulches as they tend to contain contaminants, and instead find something that is more native to your areas, such as crushed sea shells or tree bark. Each spring, layer two inches of this material onto your beds. It will break down and provide nutrients to your plants throughout the year, all while making your front yard look glorious.

Replace Fixtures

If your home’s exterior is starting to look dated, it’s time to replace its old light fixtures and house numbers. A new mailbox can add a modern touch to your house, and you can also get one for as low as $30 at Home Depot or Lowe’s. If you’re planning on selling your home, you should also replace your burnt-out lightbulbs. Having a well-lit walkway can help attract potential buyers who drive by in the evening.