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No matter what level you are in your real estate career, it’s important to always be open to new learning opportunities. By always keeping up on market trends, business strategies, and acquiring new skills, you will consistently stay on the path to success. A great way of staying up to date in the real estate industry is by listening to these informative podcasts:

Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever

Much like the title suggests, Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever offers incredible adobe for professional realtors and those looking to get started in the real estate industry. Hosted by Joe Fairless, this podcast gives amazing advice on commercial real estate investing This is a great source for investors, agents, and entrepreneurs.

Cashflow Diary

Whether you are a real estate professional or not, Cashflow Diary is a great podcast everyone should give a listen to. This podcast is hosted by J. Massey who covers everything his listeners are looking to learn about the closing process, buying, selling, flipping, wholesaling, and so much more.

Kevin Ward’s YES Talk

Kevin Ward hosts Kevin Ward’s YES Talk, which is a podcast for agents in the residential real estate business. He goes over everything from sales, marketing, and business through each episode. He lends advice for agents to give them tips on strategy, scripts, time management and everything else that is part of an agent’s role.

Modern American Realtor

The Modern American Realtor podcast is hosted by brothers Corey and Casey Wright. Since these two brothers are second-generation brokers, they have the perfect advice regarding the sales and marketing side of real estate. This weekly podcast gives a lot of great information for new agents as well as professionals in the industry. 

Conversations That Matter

Hosted by Teri Conrad, Conversations That Matter is an ideal podcast for defining your brand and knowing how to market as a real estate agent. Teri uses her expertise on real estate, social media, and radio advertising to teach listeners about building a digital presence. This is a very inspirational podcast for anyone looking to sharpen their real estate business strategies.