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Remote viewings are the most important tool in reality today. They’ve been used frequently before this year, but for obvious reasons, they have grown to be very useful at providing potential home buyers an in-depth view of their hopeful home. There are dozens of ways to go about planning, setting up, and doing a remote showing – here are the top 5 tips for remote showings.

Plan Your Route

A virtual showing is like a walking presentation – you don’t want to play it by ear. As a home seller, you should have a very strong understanding of your property’s best traits that you’ll want to exhibit. Make sure you have a good route in place for your showing. Knowing the path allows you to better light, design, and clean.

Expect Questions

No-one should ever buy a home without a very good understanding of what the property entails – expect buyers to enter the showing with this in mind. You can’t know what buyers will ask about the rooms or systems of the home, but you should expect your viewers to want closer looks at different areas, expectations for maintenance, and other ways for them to determine if the home is a match for their needs

Consider the Lighting

While in-person showings are easier, they also don’t have as high a need for good lighting. Web cameras can’t beat the in-person eyeball, so you should do your best to keep the areas you are showing as well-lit and visible as possible. It can help to do a test-run yourself so that you know what your potential buyers will be seeing.

Plan Around Kids and Pets

Every real estate agent knows that kids and pets are double-edged swords – they provide a sense of hominess, and for family-oriented buyers, they can provide an image of their future. But pets and kids are also messy and unpredictable. It’s probably best to put the dog outside or do your showing when the kids are away.

Work With an Agent to Secure the Sale

Real estate agents are likely to have the most experience and understanding of home selling. Even if they aren’t used to remote showings, they’ll have a strong sense of how to best display your home at its best. If you aren’t interested in hiring an agent for yourself, then it could still be a good idea to consult with an agent for any last-minute tips. Lastly, an agent will be better experienced at closing on a sale and getting the property moving.